The Ferrochrome alloy is essential for the production of stainless steel and special steels, widely used and of high quality, typically characterized by a high corrosion resistance and a low tendency to magnetization. The processing cycle of Ferro-alloys involves the use of electric arc submerged furnaces, in which the chemical reduction of the mineral occurs by coal (Coke) or its derivatives. In the production of Ferrochrome we face the complex aspects of the physical-chemical reactions between metal and slag which differ depending on the types of chromium minerals, but that must meet specific requirements of temperature and viscosity, to allow a correct separation of the two liquid phases (metal-slag).
The current difficulty in completely obtaining a metallic phase in the liquid state, caused by the presence of eutectic and high temperatures, results in significant  metal losses caused by occlusion in the slag. Here comes the KAT Technology. KAT offers a technological update and an adaptation of the whole plant segment, with its mechanical and electrical parameters in function of the power of the furnace, reworked suitably and specifically to maximize the efficiency of ore-metal transformation and to optimize the quality of the product, while reducing production costs.


Our dedicated service consists in the following operative steps:

Planning and designing
• on-site technical surveys and acquisition of production parameters in operating conditions;
• first adjustment of charging programs software;
• preparation of executive projects related to the plant of the crucible, tapping machines and casting pit;
Work execution and staff training
• carpentry installation and building works supervision and coordination;
• furnace and casting personnel coaching and on-site training;
• metallurgists and chemical laboratory operators coaching and on-site training;
Testing and coaching
• modified implant areas and tapping machines testing;
• updated system start-up;
• customer support until full achievement of set targets and KAT Technology system-based management autonomy (from 3 to 6 months after the start-up);
• monitoring and post-sales assistance with the provision of a dedicated management software to ensure unaltered production targets.

Thanks to a technologically advanced designing system, KAT Technology is able to satisfy every customer’s request, formulating an acting plan that ranges from simple modular incremental change to complete turnkey installation of a new production plant.